In January 2016, Sprint implemented major changes to our company operations, in order to become a more customer-centric company.

ONE Sprint is the name given to localization, our operating model implemented in January 2016. This website, contains information about local events and news, as well as information and news about Sprint.

If you are seeking more information about Sprint, please visit our website, or our Sprint Newsroom!

ONE Sprint differs from a centralized operating model in which decisions are made at a company headquarters and implemented in the same way across the country.

The ONE Sprint localization model provides an opportunity to fuel growth and improve Sprint’s performance by reorganizing leadership to be closer to customers and their needs. Sales and marketing teams can operate closely together and be more entrepreneurial.

We’re listening to customers at the local level and if you have any questions, we want to hear from you.

Media Contact:


Kathleen Dunleavy, 310-709-3689

If you are a Sprint partner or employee with questions or feedback, please contact:

Michelle Lamar, 816-590-7043


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