Cheddar Opens Live Studio in Iconic Flatiron Sprint Store

Today the cutting-edge news network, called “CNBC for Millennials”, officially opened its street level studio in Sprint store in the iconic Flatiron Building.

Cheddar will broadcast daily live shows from the ground-level curved corner of the Sprint location in the Flatiron Building.

According to Cheddar founder and CEO Jon Steinberg:

It’s a creative use of an iconic space. It’s the best street-level studio in New York.

Live programming hours will expand rapidly from the Flatiron studio. The show’s set will continue to incorporate the artwork famous to the Flatiron Building’s Prow Artspace.

Sprint Regional President Karen Paletta, is excited about the new studio:

Cheddar is a company that shares Sprint’s passion for innovation and forging new ways to connect with customers. Our flagship location in the historic Flatiron Building is the perfect backdrop for the Cheddar video news network.

Inc has a great article about Cheddar and founder Jon Steinberg, who is a media trailblazer.

Steinberg, who was the president and chief operating officer of BuzzFeed from 2010 to 2014, founded Cheddar in January.  The company has grown from just Steinberg to a team of 20.


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